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Compensación: $14-22 USD + bonuses
Se acepta teletrabajo
tipo de empleo: contrato

Set Your Own Rates
Pay is on monthly basis with minimal pay out of RMB 200, which is not too hard to reach. PalFish has a minimal weekly commitment of 4 hours. The company takes 20% commission, but you can set your own pay rate per minute in the “Me” settings page in the app. Then the earning is measured by the length of lesson you delivered. As a result, it gives you a great flexibility in terms of earning potential if you’re a great teacher! They recommend Payoneer for international payout instead of PayPal. There are two types of teachers on PalFish, official ones or regular ones. The official ones can perform the same teaching as regular ones, but also have scheduled classes, which give them better stability and predictability in terms of class arrangement. Sign up to become a PalFish teacher.
Great App Platform
PalFish proud themselves with awesome mobile apps and software, which is actually quite true compare to many other teaching platforms. On the app, you can simply click “Start Tutoring” to start the teaching session, great social engagement by following and messaging other teachers and recruit students, and many tutorials to get you started and continue the teaching skills along the way. It even allow you to track your referral signup to earn fee from the app on your mobile phone, which is never heard of!

Teaching PalFish via mobile app or computer
Live Streaming
PalFish has something very different from other platforms, the live streaming feature. It allows teacher to broadcast to large group of audiences instead of one-on-one or small group (2~6 students) teaching. It give teacher like you to build up reputation and publicity quickly and dramatically increase your earning with no limit to the number of participants theoretically. Others can also reply the video recording for a price.
Class Structure
The student bodies are mainly focus on the children’s English education, but also plenty of adult lessons in demand, which you can find many college students or young professional sharing photos and posting on the thread. With “Start Tutoring” feature by PalFish, it gives you a great flexibility to teach anytime and anywhere if you’re looking for something without scheduling and teach whenever you’re available. Furthermore, the class length is flexible, since the rate is calculated per min instead of a fixed schedule. Except that there is kids course, which is 25 min per session.
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